Customer Reviews

Debbie Esquivel | Broker Associate

Thank you so much for helping us purchase our home!  With your expert guidance, we were able to navigate the muddy waters of Orange County real estate knowing that you were representing us well.  You explained the entire process clearly and made us feel at ease as we house hunted, placed an offer and closed.

Most importantly, we always knew you had our best interest in mind.  Never once did we feel that we were being pressured or that your advice was ever motivated by anything other than your desire to help us find the right home. You kept us informed every step of the way and always communicated quickly and efficiently.

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us.  We are true Debbie Esquivel fans!

Scott Farthing, DMA
Professor, Saddleback College

Paul Kott | Broker

I can’t thank you enough for keeping an eye on finding me a new home at such a turning point in my life.  Your invaluable help is appreciated truly from the bottom of my heart.  I will see you in the future when I’m ready to sell again.

Ramona S.

Paul Kott | Broker

When I first started the process of marketing my parents’ estate, it was on overwhelming project.  My sister, brother and I had not yet recovered from losing our father and we were now faced with this awesome responsibility.  Fortunately, the initial person I contacted was a reputable professional who thoughtfully considered the issues involved and recommended you as the most competent person to handle the real estate transactions.  Even the Orange County Probate Referee, who had never personally met you, was familiar with your work.  He told me that you had a “sterling” reputation in the industry.

My parents’ estate and our current family situation presented some very unique and complex challenges.  You were always responsive to my questions and concerns as well as to those of my attorney and siblings.  All your efforts culminated in three very successful real estate sales in an incredibly short 3 months.  Since these properties had been owned by my parents for over 50 years, the sales involved mixed emotions for our family.  We celebrated success of the sales but at the same time, were required to let go of something that was so much a part of each of us.  You found a buyer who is a prominent local businessman and resident or Orange whose passion for the City of Orange and it’s history is unmatched.  I believe he will maintain the historical integrity of the property and honor the memory of my parents with his commitment to the history of Orange and the success of Orange businesses.

You have exceeded all of my expectations.  On behalf of my sister and brother, I thank you for your exemplary service and your friendship.  I sincerely believe my parents would be very proud of the transactions and the manner in which they were handled.  You may feel free to use my name as a reference at anytime.

Alicia Vargo

Debbie Esquivel | Broker Associate

To mangle the words of that late nineteenth century Baptist minister, Charles Haddon Spurgeon:
“…And did you ever walk out upon that lonely desert island upon which you were wrecked and say, “I am alone – alone – ALONE – nobody was ever here before me?”  And did you suddenly pull up short as you noticed, in the sand, the footprints of a person?  I remember right well passing through that experience – and when I looked, Lo, it was not merely the footprints of a man that I saw, but I thought I knew whose feet had left those imprints!  They were the marks of Debbie Esquivel! So I thought to myself, “If she had been here, it is no longer a desert island!  As her feet once trod this wilderness-way, it blossoms now like the rose and it becomes to my troubled spirit as a very garden of the blessed!”

I cannot say enough great things about Debbie.  During every phase of the house buying process, Debbie was tireless and hardworking.  Clydesdale horses look like anemic snails with heat stroke next to her.  When we were house hunting, she worked with our schedule to find houses that met our criteria.  She helped us figure out, without ever being rude or judgy, that some of those criteria were so idiosyncratic that we were destined to be rent-slaves for eternity if we didn’t loosen the screws.

My soap opera life truly  had to be trying her patience.  After the first bout of pneumonia, I myself had almost abandoned hope.  Years would pass, I thought, before I could ever seek a house again, and I told Debbie that I was going to have to stop looking.  After I dragged my crippled carcass back to work, though, house hunting in The Colony again seemed possible, and I started peeping property on the internet.  As soon as I saw a promising house, Debbie would quickly get all the information on the domicile so we could act as expeditiously as possible.

When we finally zeroed in on the house that is now mine, Debbie and I swooped in like carpetbaggers during reconstruction, and soon I was in the prime spot to win my  new home.  Why?  Because Debbie hustles!! No Lollygagging!! She made sure I got everything done at light speed!  My paperwork was all done, i’s dotted and t’s crossed.  She got Julie on board and ran interference for any problems.  If I made a booboo, she was right there on the spot, having me correct it and getting it back to Julie.

At this point, it was easier for me to make mistakes as I was not suffering anoxic brain damage from my second bout of pneumonia.  As I lolled about the apartment wheezing and gasping, Debbie scurried to the Walgreens for antibiotics, rescuing me from the clutches of death.  She brought succor and sustenance, she listened to my moaning (which tends to drag on a bit like a Wagnerian opera), and she was a rock to my long-suffering daughter, Grace.

Even after we had closed on the house, and her work was theoretically done, Debbie did not slink off like a politician after winning the election.  She has hung around and been a true friend.  I have had problems!!! That creepy, sociopath leasing agent from my apartment building has been trying to drive me nuts.  Debbie flagged down his crazy train and helped me get off.  We’ll skip the details, as I shudder daintily in horrified memory, but trust me, I needed all the emotional support and industry knowledge that I could get.  She’s been giving me names and numbers of people and agencies to help out, and name and numbers for workmen for my new house.  Things are looking up.

I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie to sell Real Estate or Mars when interplanetary flights become available, but until then, I’m recommending her to anyone who asks for a realtor in Orange County.

Yours truly,
Virginia A. Teddy, M.D.

Jackie Garibay | Realtor

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the excellent service, professional candor, commitment, and persistence of our realtor, Jackie Garibay, during our recent home purchase in May of 2017. As fastidious clients in a difficult market, I can say with confidence that she rose above and beyond the challenges presented to her to ensure that our family was able to purchase a safe, comfortable home in an excellent neighborhood within our budget constraints.

Jackie is a thorough, diligent representative who carefully guided us through every step of the complicated process and offers on multiple pieces of property. As this was our second home purchase, we had certain expectations about the process and market. Jackie exceeded every one of them, and found a way to navigate us through everything with poise and determination.

Once offers were presented, she skillfully weaved together the disparate, complicated elements of our team and the sellers to ensure deadlines and conditions were met ahead of schedule and that the purchase was never in jeopardy. She was physically present for all inspections and repairs, and had a great rapport with our financing team. She made the most stressful elements of the negotiation carefree.

I would highly recommend her to anybody, particularly close family and friends, because we believe that she can be trusted emphatically with one of the most significant business transactions a family can make.

When we are ready to buy, sell, rent, or just feel out the market again, we know directly where to go. Thanks again, Jackie!

Matthew, Mary, and Corey Capel

Cecilia Aguilar | Realtor

Cecilia helped me purchase my first home. She showed me a variety of different listings, and continued to search until I found the right property. Since this was my first home buying experience, I learned very quickly that it is important to find a realtor who is truthful, trustworthy and reliable.   Cecilia without a doubt is all of those things. She was always available to help me work through the process, and was always looking out for my best interest. I cannot recommend her enough and I am so grateful for such a hard working realtor. She was always there for me to listen and answer last minute questions.

Juli Michallyszyn

Paul Kott | Broker

“Well, it’s a good thing you trained as a magician before you became a Realtor.  You new ad “How would you like to sell your home in a Week?  See the Realtor who is also a magician!”

We appreciate your selling my home in one week.  This is excellent in a bull market, but in a bear market it is miraculous.  I am getting safely settled in Fullerton, thanks again!”

William Pickering

Cecilia Aguilar | Realtor

“Cecilia is a professional real estate agent. Her professionalism gave me the trust I needed in a very important decision as was buying my house. She was very patient in showing properties in the specific areas I had requested and very smart and quick as she presented my offer to the seller’s agent.   I highly recommend to Cecilia Aguilar to those who are interested in buying or selling a property and definitely, I will use her again in my future real estate business.”

Irma Gallegos

Cecilia Aguilar | Realtor

When I decided to go on the house hunt I truly had no idea what I was really getting myself into. I had never gone through the process of selling or buying before, my husband had purchased our home before I married him. After 14 years I knew we needed a change. So I eagerly convinced our family that we should sell and purchase a new home. Well in this new age of the internet there are many ways to sell your home and we weighed out all of the options from selling on our own through websites or the new streamline purple bricks or other agencies that can give the homeowner more of the percentage of the home sales without a realtor. At the end of the day it comes down to relationships and knowing all of the steps to get through this major transaction of a life change. We decided to contact Cecilia Aguilar, she is a hard worker for her client and is always reliable. Cecilia helped us sell and buy our next dream home and truly guided us into or next chapter in life. We definitely recommend Cecilia to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

Cheyann and Sean Regan

Jackie Garibay | Realtor

We would like to take a moment to recognize our amazing real estate agent, Jackie Garibay.  As first-time homebuyers, we had all of the anxieties that come with the territory and not knowing all of the nuances in the process, Jackie had put us at ease since the beginning.

We met Jackie after attending a First-Time Homebuyers workshop that was catered to Disneyland Cast Members.  After meeting her we immediately received a positive vibe and were looking forward to working with her.  When we look back on the entire process, we cannot believe how smooth everything went.  In talking with others who have gone through the home buying experience, most felt it was overwhelming and came with a lot of stress.  With Jackie, we felt comfortable the entire time and she was right there for us with all of our questions and concerns.  She was our voice.  And she represented us wonderfully between all parties.  I do not know how she does it, but she was always available and responsive to our questions whether by phone, email, or text.  Those “unknowns” that we had were quickly answered and Jackie kept us in the loop each step of the way.

We have talked about wanting to buy something else just so we could work with Jackie again.  And we would highly and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase or sell their homes.  Especially fellow first-time homebuyers.  Jackie is honest, hard-working, extremely knowledgeable, and one of the friendliest people we have had the pleasure to meet.  She represents Paul Kott Realtors with the highest integrity and we are so fortunate to have her as our real estate agent.

Vinay and Krista Yadav

Paul Kott | Broker 

I had the distinct privilege of being the first client Paul Kott ever sold a piece of real estate to.  I can proudly say that Paul Kott is the best example I know of, personal honesty, corporate integrity, service of the community, balanced family values, personal sacrifice, faith in God, consistent friendship and relentless hard work.

Congratulations Paul Kott!

William C. “Bill” Taormina


Paul Kott | Broker 

Again, I really appreciate the extra effort you have put in to make the sale of my home come to fruition.  After buying and selling seven homes you are the best agent I have ever met.

Best Regards,
George Renteria


Paul Kott | Broker 

One of the better investments one can make is the purchase of their home and/or other real estate properties.  How we take care of those investments is very vital including the important decision in eventually selling that investment.

When selling your home, it is comforting to know that it will be placed in the hands of someone with whom you have complete faith and trust.  We are indeed fortunate to have had someone who is honest, reliable, has complete integrity and who has my interest at heart.  When it comes to our real estate marketplace, you know it “from stem to stern” including pricing, marketing and strategizing in the best interest of your client.  In my estimation, making that decision with Paul Kott of Paul Kott Realtors, Inc. in Anaheim was a great one.  Paul has been in business for over 35 years and has an impeccable record and reputation of selling more properties and homes than any ten brokers in this community.  In fact, we placed our home located on Janeen Way on the Market in October, during what may have been a difficult time of year so  my wife and I could move into Walnut Village, a retirement community in Anaheim.  Paul dispelled the notion of the timing and had up put our home on the market at the highest price possible for our neighborhood.

That was a good move for us because we moved into Walnut Village, which had the necessary Care Center for my wife, and then let Paul do his magic with his sales approach, which was outstanding and effective.  During the course of our transaction, the buyer thought he could get a better loan on the property and decided to cancel his original loan commitment to seek out another loan which took time to pre-qualify and consequently delayed the sale.  However, our broker stood by us and helped us strategize how we could benefit during the delay and we eventually closed the deal!  There is no doubt that if it was not for the trustworthiness and the persistency of our broker by keeping the buyer’s “feet to the fire” and have the sale close in a most timely and favorable way for us, we would have had to cancel the sale.  After working with you through 6 previous real estate transactions, we had complete confidence and trust and knew that working with you was the right course of action for us.

It was a pleasure working with you and making this sale a reality and a blessing for us.  As far as we are concerned, there is no one better in the business than Paul Kott.

Best Regards,
Stanley J. Pawlowski


Joel Kott | Broker Associate

Joel came highly recommended and for good reason.  Joel is knowledgeable, professional and works extremely hard for his clients.  He is well known and highly respected in the Real Estate industry and we saw first hand why that is the case.  We can’t say enough positive stuff about him.  I highly recommend Joel for your real estate needs.

Scott W.


Jackie Garibay | Realtor

Jayshree and I have been looking for an investment property for over three years. With supply of single family homes in Anaheim being limited, locating a viable investment property was proving difficult. The high demand for a single-family home was driving the prices through the roof, hence the time was of the essence.

I met Jackie over a year ago during my quest for an investment property. Jackie came across enthusiastic, cheerful and sincere to my requirements for the investment property.

Due to sellers’ market, good homes were being sold within few days. Mindful of our investment criteria, Jackie promptly went to work and cheerfully chauffeured us to the prospective properties. Jackie provided us with all the necessary facts to help us make informed decision without undue pressure.

Jackie did not lose her passion and dedication in our long search for the property. Through our search Jackie was punctual, organized, professional and was well informed. When required, Jackie referred reputable vendors and stood by our side during entire buying process.

In conclusion, working with Jackie was a very pleasant experience, that bore the hallmark of working with a friend who has the good intentions and best wishes at her heart.

Jayshree and Girish


Paul Kott | Broker

It was a pleasure to list my mother’s house with you to sell.  You never tried to over promise what you thought the house might sell for in this tough market.  Throughout the sales process you kept me informed of the status of the marketplace as well as any interested buyers.  I also never felt pressured to lower our asking price to make your job easier even when we received credible offers below our asking price.

When we finally received and accepted an offer, you very professionally guided me through the complex paperwork maze that now accompanies the sale of a house.

And lastly, you knew well the history of homes in the older section of Anaheim and the stories that went with many of them.  I always felt that you were sensitive to the fact that the Ganahl family was selling a home in which our family had lived in for 62 years.  To us, this was far more than just “flipping a house.”

I would highly recommend you to anyone buying or selling a home that wants energetic, competent and ethical representation.

Yours Truly,
John Ganahl

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